Extra Large Size Soft Leather Bumbag with Multiple Sections Vel-Cro Phone Pocket

This bum bag Features 7 zipped pockets and slips and a large organiser section. Fits from 34 inch up to 51 inches waist sizes, Or up to 71 inches, 180 cm with the waist extender piece available separately. On the front of the waistbag there is a big phone pouch with easy access via a vel-cro flap, easily large enough for an iphone or similar Samsung type smartphone.

These bumbags are made from black soft premium heavy duty sheep leather, fully lined with nylon. There is an organiser pocket with several sections inside including a zipped pocket. On the rear of the bumbag there is flat hidden zipped pocket for currency or passport storage. There are several other pockets which add to this being a serious travel bag with space to carry a huge amount of items for your holiday or festival. This bumbag is very popular as a holiday organiser bag or travel pouch to carry ALL of your everyday essentials such as money, passport, credit or debit cards or documents safely. Pretty much a full first aid kit would easily fit inside this huge travellers bag.


  • Main pockets are full length with varying widths, 9 inches 23cm X 6 inches 15cm Weight 300 grams

VERY BIG SIZE X-L - 2XL XXL for up to 51 inch waist sizes, 70 inches with extender belt SOFT GENUINE LEATHER - NYLON LINED - Lovely soft leather and nylon seatbelt strength strap, hardened poly resin clips


  • NORMAL WAIST HIP SIZE - Adjustable 36 to 51 inch waist normally, 91cm to 127cm
  • WITH EXTENDER BELT - NB. This ONLY fits the RL287 Bumbag. Belt piece is 12 inches, 30cm long to 19.5 inches 49.5cm - Total maximum size available 71 inches, 180cm