About Us

Welcome to Quenchy London. Here is our story...

In a nutshell, Our brand "Quenchy London" has grown out of many generations living in London mixed with 20 years retail experience, right on the very streets on London's busy and bustling markets.

Our story is actually a bit more interesting...

Originally our family were brought up in the poor work houses of Bethnal Green and Hackney, our family worked its way out of tough beginnings through sheer hard work and family values, moving slowly and ever closer to bringing Quenchy London to you, delivered next day to your door.

Fate and Luck!!

During the 2nd world war, living just off of the Holloway Road in North London, my late Grandmother took my Father, cosy in his pushchair out for a walk to the local shop to by some groceries, on about a 10 minute round trip, on her return, there was no house, bombed by the Germans!! Here today, and thankful she needed a pint of milk that day!

Camden Market.

For many years my father and I were retailing designer brand bags to locals and tourists alike on Londons famous Camden High Street. Working 7 days a week 5.30am until getting home at sometimes 9pm, were were quietly building our knowledge of handbags, purses and travel bags. With 20 years experience we knew which leather was best, what people like in their designer purse, how many pockets was best on their shoulder bag and overall, what bags sell and why.

We started selling online in 2007 and with the terrorist threat in London and many tourists keeping away we moved the business totally online within a couple of years. This extensive hands on experience of retail in designer bags, along with my qualifications as an electronic engineer the transistion was a natural one. With the best possible contacts in the business, importing from Italy, Turkey, India and China we cherry picked the best selling lines, from the best manufacturers and decided on "Quenchy London" as our brand.

"Quenchy", meaning "something that quenches your thirst or appetite for something is "quenchy"

So, here we are. That is our story on how we became a highly respected London designer brand, with prices that reflect the "price to quality" ratio of quality rather than the pomp and over advertising prices that similar quality products charge, with their flashy media.

We represent quality at a price which reflect this, without the Ferraris and High Street overheads.

Quenchy London, many thanks for shopping on our website.